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Under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 there is now a legal requirement for Food Operators to ensure their Food Safety Management System is based on the HACCP Principles. (EU Regulation 852/2004 Article 5)

Put Simply!! This means Food Operators require a documented system which will predict what could go wrong and ensuring it doesn’t.  

Our HACCP Consultancy is currently working with Restaurants, Event Caterers, Meat Cutting Plants in implementing effective and practical HACCP Manuals.

Using a HACCP consultancy to develop and implement your HACCP manual will ensure that the HACCP manual complies with the current Food Hygiene Regulations and will also gives you the confidence that you HACCP Manual as been built by experts.

Our HACCP Manuals comply with the CODEX Principles and are built around the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Please contact us to find how we can help you in developing a HACCP Manual which will be unique to your business.

HACCP sounds complicated but we really believe in keeping it simple and practical.

Our HACCP Consultancy can provide you with a HACCP Plan which contains clear and practical procedures with easy to use forms which will demonstrate that you are complying with the Food Hygiene Regulations.

We can  provide the HACCP Manual in a hard copy or the HACCP Manual can be  electronic form so you can print off the procedures and forms when you need them.  

For more information on HACCP and how to implement HACCP into your business please  contact us.


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Our HACCP manuals are developed specifically for each client. Initially we would like to visit your premises and understand fully your process flows and all your ingredients in doing this we create HACCP Analysis and identify the Critical Control Points (CCP)

We passionately believe that our clients are fully involved in the development of the HACCP Manual  and that the HACCP manual is not a book sitting on shelf somewhere gathering dust. For the HACCP Manual to work and to comply with the legislation the day to day running must be championed by the Food Business Operator.

All our HACCP manuals which we have developed have always complied to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and they have been approved by the Food Standards Agency when auditing meat cutting plants.

Want to know more ? Then please speak to us