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Food Safety Training  is now  a legal requirement and Food Companies must ensure that their Food Handlers are aware of their roles and the risks associated  in handling food.

It is then essential that food companies provide their staff with the necessary Food Safety / Food Hygiene Training.

General Food Handlers would be expected to have foundational food hygiene training while managers and supervisors would be expected to have a more advanced Food Hygiene Training.

Food Safety Training

We provide a  wide range of CIEH qualifications from Level 1 Award in Food Safety to Advanced Food Safety to Level 4 Award in Food Safety.

HACCP Awareness Training

We also provide HACCP awareness training where we go through HACCP and the Critical Control points which would be relevant to your business.

E Learning

Keeping you’re staff up to speed can be a costly and time consuming burden but with e-learning, that doesn't need to be the case.  As a cost effective and flexible learning solution, e-learning allows you to train you’re staff at a pace that suits you and at a time that keeps any disruption to day to day operations to a minimum.


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All our Food Hygiene Courses can be done in house at a time which is suitable for you.

Our Food Hygiene Courses will be adapted to suit the language, knowledge and experience of your staff.

Please contact us for more information